On this web site you will find an overview of the Geology of Bermuda based on the latest peer-reviewed research. It is written for geologists and non-geologists.  Comments and suggestions can be submitted to Mark Rowe*  here.

Note: “The Geology of Bermuda”, offering an abbreviated version of the information presented on this web site, is now available as a 38 page book (including 18 pages of illustrations and photographs)  in Bermuda bookstores. It also available here in digital  formats:     Link to PDF      Link to eBook

For those not familiar with Bermuda or its geology the two maps presented below will help to get you orientated.

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Map showing the location of the limestone islands of Bermuda and their position on the Bermuda Platform.
Map of localities
Map of Bermuda showing localities which have been frequently cited in published geological articles and on this web site.

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