11. Field Guides

The localities shown on the map below identify areas of geological interest which are reasonably accessible on foot. Descriptions and guides for these localities will be published on this web site as they are completed.
Definitions:  A “locality” is an area of geological interest which is walkable from one end to the other, A “section” is rock face which includes a succession of deposits with different characteristics. A “site” consists of an isolated deposit or feature.
Please note: 1. Only the localities with asterisks against them (on the map below) are situated on public land. Permission must be sought from the land-owners for access to the other localities. 2. Rocks must not be hammered nor  specimens removed without prior approval from the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources of the Bermuda Government.

List of field guides:

Devonshire Bay

Whalebone Bay

Watch Hill Park

Spittal Pond West

More to come…….